LANDSCAPES (Three centuries of world music) – David Bellugi


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David Bellugi recorders
with Ali Tajbakhsh & Chris Hayward percussion

Three centuries of world music

This record is a collection of ethnic-inspired music from different cultures of the 15th, 16th and 20th centuries. The latest in modern digital technology gave me the opportunity to create a “virtual” orchestra in which I not only play all of the instruments, except the percussion, but am also arranger and conductor. The instruments I play are all recorders, plus a quartet of crumhorns in the Ortiz Recercada ; their number varies from 6 (Bartok) to 18 (in some of the Renaissance dances).

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Three Centuries of World Music

David Bellugi, recorders

Ali Tajbakhsh : zarb, daf & djembé – Chris Hayward : palmas & finger cymbals

Juan del Encina (1468-1529):

Villancicos & Romances

1. Amor con fortuna
2. Triste España
3. Ay, triste que vengo
4. Pues que ya

Béla Bartók (1881-1945):

5. Roumanian Folk Dances

(Bot-tánc, Brâul, Topogó, Bucsumi tánc, Román Polka, Aprózó)

Renaissance Hungarian Tunes:

6. Wir Glauben all an einem Gott (István Gálszécsi, 1536)
7. Histoire vom Propheten Elias (anonymous,1542)
8. Magyar Tánz (anonymous, 1562)
9. Untitled (anonymous,1600)
10. Ungarescha (after J. Paix, 1583)
11. Passamezzo ongaro (anonymous, 1573)
12. King David (Tinódi Sebestyén, 1549)
13. Melody of the Danube (Tinódi/Kodaly)

Leo Brouwer (1939)

14. Paesaje cubano con rumba (1985)

Klezmer dances

15. Roumanian Horra and Bulgar (traditional)
16. Frailach (A. Olshanetsky)
17. Gypsy Bulgar (traditional)

Claude Gervaise (16th century)
(Livres de Danceries, 1555)

18. Bransle Gay II
19. Bransle de Champaigne X
20. Bransle Gay VII

Diego Oritz (c.1510-c.1570)
(Trattado de las glosas … 1555)

21. Recercada Primera


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