Matteo Frittelli

(Matteo frittelli Studio)
The studio is involevd into video-production, publishing, media content development.

In the first part of the ’90s suddenly I decided to realize a short documentary for a cultural association I was part of. This idea brought me several days into the twilight of a post-production studio based in the suburb of Florence. It was love at first sight: I was captured by the lively process that was conveying the original idea to its development into a magnetic tape.

From this very beginning my profession has given me the opportunity to meet so many different personalities in a privileged mixture of experience, friendship and productivity. Moving from fashion to contemporary art, from architecture to more intimate fields, what really impress me is the continuos improvement in term of comprehension, ability and relations that this profession gives back to me and my studio. I’m thankful to all the different figures and to the different worlds I’ve met till now and I’ll met in the future: good results are very often a collective achievement.

We have worked for

Prada, Armani, Furla, Gas, L’Oreal, Biennale di Venezia, Ministero per i Beni Culturali, OMA-AMO, Museo Pecci, MAXXI, Studio April, Hi Comunicazione, INTERNI, Fuoribiennale, Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Galleria Continua, Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana, MTC, CMSA, CULT channel, Tura.

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